About TELx

Welcome to TELx

TELx is a decentralized liquidity network powered by active Telcoin users on decentralized financial (DeFi) protocols. It functions as the self-custodial “liquidity engine” of the Telcoin Platform’s user-owned products.
The goal of TELx is to offer intuitive and affordable financial services, where user ownership of the network enables any mobile phone user in the world to capture incentives that would typically be awarded to legacy financial institutions.
Traditional financial markets involve intermediaries and institutions that custody, execute, and settle transactions on behalf of their customers, often charging exorbitant fees and suffering from slow settlement times. TELx Markets are self-custodial, powered by a decentralized network of Telcoin users (TELx Miners) on DeFi protocols, and the transaction lifecycle is automated via smart contracts instead of intermediaries - with instant settlement.