The Decentralized Liquidity Network of the Telcoin Platform

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The Decentralized Liquidity Engine of the Telcoin Platform

Power a global marketplace of user-owned financial products. Take control of your assets and Pay Yourself.

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TELx Launches with Two User-owned Decentralized Products: The SMS Network and TELxchange

Participate by depositing liquidity into the respective pools on the designated protocol (Balancer, DFX, or Quickswap). Depending on the pool, rewards are either airdropped to your wallet address or claimed via the TELx web portal. Please read the individual instructions for each pool on their mining contract page for more details.

SMS Network

A user-owned, decentralized global remittance network powered by active Telcoin users on automated market making decentralized exchanges.

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A User-owned, Decentralized Financial System

TELx is designed to power services like cross-border money transfer, digital asset exchange, and more - instantly, and without relying on intermediaries. TELx decentralizes liquidity provision to Telcoin users on self-custodial DeFi protocols, enabling them to earn the native platform asset, TEL, and capture fees that would typically go to financial institutions. TELx miners earn fees from compliant, intuitive end-user products on the Telcoin Application.

How it works

TELx is a decentralized liquidity network powered by active Telcoin users on selected DeFi protocols (TELx Markets). It functions as the self-custodial “liquidity engine” of the Telcoin suite of user-owned products. The TELx markets lifecycle follows a systematic, rules-based process, and phased approach leading to Application integration.

Phase 1

Design and development

Telcoin designs and develops a mobile-based, user-owned financial product and selects the DeFi protocols, assets, markets, and incentives (TELx Markets) required to bring it to the masses via the Telcoin Application.

Phase 2

Liquidity mining

TELx Miners provide self-custodial liquidity reserves to the supported TELx Markets and stake their liquidity provider token in the respective staking contract, earning pool trading fees and TEL issuance incentives.

Phase 3

Integration and user-ownership

Upon reaching product viability, TELx Markets are integrated into the Telcoin Application, powering end-user transactions and paying fees to TELx Miners on every transaction based on real, productive economic activity from a globally accessible and compliant interface.

TEL Price



Connect your wallet on Polygon and begin staking LP Tokens to gain rewards on TELx. TELx currently supports MetaMask on Chrome, Brave, FireFox, and Edge desktop browsers.

*Price estimates denoted in United States Dollar ($).