About The Telcoin Platform

TEL Taxonomy

TEL Taxonomy

As the native asset of a full-stack platform with various market participants and roles across each layer, TEL is a general purpose token with utility on both the supply and demand sides of each layer of the platform - and clear representation across multiple categories within the generally accepted taxonomy of digital assets.

Medium of Exchange 

As the native reserve asset, TEL is designed to be the most liquid medium of exchange with the most direct trading pairs on the platform. 

Reserve Asset

TELx Miners use TEL as a reserve asset on TELx, the native liquidity engine of the Telcoin Platform, passively making liquid, self-custodial, decentralized financial markets for end users. 

Protocol Token

Rivendell Network validators secure the network in exchange for TEL issuance incentives and transaction fees, which are paid in TEL. 

Work Token

Active Telcoin users stake TEL in order to align with the ecosystem and provide services that benefit the platform and its end-user in exchange for issuance incentives and transaction fees.

Access Token

Market participants use TEL to access the Telcoin Platform suite of decentralized products and services.