Telcoin is the core developer of the Telcoin Platform. Telcoin designs and deploys compliant, scalable end-user products, applications, and decentralized networks with the mission of providing every mobile phone user in the world with access to user-owned financial services at a fraction of the cost of market incumbents. 


Telcoin is responsible for the initial governance of TEL issuance, and is dedicated to gradual decentralization of governance to market participants over time.

How does Telcoin make money?

Telcoin earns transaction fees from users of the Telcoin Application.

Telcoin does not design, develop, or launch DeFi protocols. We do not custody crypto-assets, match orders, or in any way contribute to the functioning of DeFi systems or centralized exchanges. Telcoin provides a safe, secure, regulated door-way for users to access self-custodial, user-owned, decentralized end user applications on top of DeFi protocols, which can be accessed via our mobile application.